Confidence is an unstoppable power.
It grants us the strength to overcome obstacles.
It gives us the courage to go for our wildest dreams.
And it boosts our faith in the pursuit of true beauty.

Luvme firmly believes that, a woman’s confidence, is the source of her sparkling, enchanting, and dazzling charm.
It is what gives her the ultimate queen vibe.


To empower women of the world with confidence, power, and radiance!


Starting out with an aspiration to empower the women kind as much as she can, Helena, founder of Luvme Hair & true goer of the spirit of female independence and self-realization, seeks out to bring awe-inspiring beauty to women all across the globe!

She “comb” deep in the wig industry and found that quality was compromised due to the lack of innovation and elaboration.
Change, she believed, was in order.
And it wasn’t long before she ingeniously developed the signature and game-changing frontal wigs, 360 wigs, closure wigs, etc., which could protect one’s own hair and instantly serve as perfect alternative options for the traditional full lace wigs that, to customers with their hard-earn money, were just too expensive and time-consuming! The innovative adoption of top Swiss lace- the best undetectable lace there is- gives birth to Luvme’s undetectable lace wigs that can naturally melt into all skin tones. Glueless wigs, throw-on-&-go wigs, and more were developed by the imaginative pioneer Helena to free wig users from many headaches and give them the ultimate glue-free easy-to-use wig experience!

And as she gets to inspire and be inspired by Luvme queens who are so graceful and increasingly cheery, Helena’s aspiration of a much more confident, chic, and powerful womanhood only grows stronger! Many of Luvme’s customers are leaders of their respective fields: they balance work and family, never give up in the face of hardship and obstacles and would just soldier on with bottomless confidence and profound optimism! They Are The Queen! And Helena feels so proud to have had such customers and will join in their earnest endeavor for an era where women will never be short of the “strands” of impetus to shine!

This noble aspiration is extended among the loving and knowledge-sharing communities brought up by Luvme Hair. Through these communities, Luvme Hair involved herself in many aspects of women’s welfare - the health of customers, philanthropic activities, education, caring for minorities, etc. Luvme Hair will continue to empower women of the world in their pursue of happiness and as they try to embrace their irreplaceable grace!

Thy is the purpose of Luvme. To inspire and awe!