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Ladies! We all Look to these Reviews to decide if we want a specific wig or not lol. Ok for one This is My 3rd Unit from LuvMe. Their Hair is Usually Affordable, Always Soft! & Barely has a Smell.

With this Unit Fresh out the Box it looks short and the Waves look Blah. I was Nervous BUT!
Once you Wet it & run your Fingers Through it you'll LOVE! I got the Water Wave in 26' (I'm 5'3 and it sits right at the Top of my Booty lol it's Long enough) The Baby Hairs are Perfect!

IT SHEDS! (Minimal) but it definitely Sheds. Please don't listen to these reviews that says otherwise. Has a New Hair Smell(not Stink) LOVE THE WAVES! The Texture! And Baby Hairs. Worth the Purchase! (@ Ig @iamreeks_ )

TIP: Use ONLY Water and Nairobi Foam Lotion. It's Super Lite & barely puts any Weight on the Hair. It gives you the Shine, Locked in Waves, & Softness you Need.
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I got this as I’m going through chemo. I’ve gotten a couple synthetic ones but really wanted a real hair wig. I’ve gotten extensions and stuff before from Luvme so I trusted their quality and they didn’t let me down! It looks like my natural hair. I did wash it which took the curls out and then straightened and styled it myself. This also gave it a lot more length so if yours seems short, wash it! This is the 20”. After washed it had a super pretty wave to it, I almost left it as is and probably will at some point. But it looks great curled too! I have ZERO experience with wigs but this was so easy to put on, if I can do it, anyone can.

This wig is 100% worth it!

This wig gives everything it’s supposed to give. Literally throw on, straighten (if needed) and go! Honestly in love with this unit and the hair itself is also super soft!

Amazing Wig

The lace melted like no other I’m out here feeling like a Puerto Rican!!! Lol

Just Right

This lady is so sweetly gorgeous. I love the curl pattern, the side part makes it worth every penny spent. Hair is soft and natural, I bleached it the day she arrived and for me that's enough( although I am 69 yrs old), I am not a fan of black hair. I love her, I just wish I would have gotten 2.
My pics show it dry and with moisture and a little oil, the curls are beautiful when wet

Love it ❤

I have purchased a lot of wigs from Luvme hair but I think this is my favorite so far! This is the 12 inch.

Now this is a nice unit

I received so many compliments on my wig install! I’m 40 so the baby hair I did not get it but this wig amazing

Whoever designed and made these 7x6s precut lace units keep them coming. When I say I didn’t have to do a damn thing to this wig not even cut the lace. Ain’t no way these the same wigs yall been making. Yall done truly stepped yall game up. It fits so snug and tight. Now this is truly glueless. The air pockets in the cap is amazing. I can wear a wig and let my hair breathe at the same time. The parting space is amazing. I don’t know who needs to hear this but run don’t walk to get this unit. These 7x6s are my new go to. Bring out more.

Shining Light at a Difficult Time!

I am currently undergoing chemo so one can only imagine how difficult loosing your hair can be as a woman. I follow Dominique A and
one of her recommendations for wigs was Luvmehair. Going through such a horrible time I decided to give LuvmeHair a chance with using the headband wig, to my surprise through great communication from the company and actually receiving, trying it on, and being able to wear it with confidence made such a tremendous difference in such a troubling time. A huge thank you to a company who truly got it right!


I have the body wave 26” frontal wig. Overall great experience. I Would recommend. Great hair and fast shipping! Discounts and much more are offered. Easy to install. I wish they would change the gift package.


Don't look over this unit. Love it. Makes me feel young again. And I'll be 71 next month. I think I'm cute for real now. 🤣Will definitely buy more. Sooooo happy.

I’m in love

I’m absolutely in love with this wig, easy to install, no glue, no shedding, no tangles and really cute. The yaki texture is like freshly relaxed hair. This is the 14” version.


I ordered 24” maaaannnnnnnnn i love it its been a month now… will order again ✨

Silk Base Top Glueless Wig With Bangs | Easily to Install
Candy Green
It's the bob for me!

This wig is an easy grab and go unit. That can be worn everyday. Perfect for the office and a night out. YouTube video placeholder
5th Luv Me and more to go

Yes! I luv me and the way it makes me feel. So many compliments and where did I get it! Fast delivery. The natural feel and look, I'm hooked this is the 180% Density Frontal Lace Glueless-16inches. No shedding. My stylist plucked alittle more and side parted for me. (If this review helped you, click like)

This Bob was DEFINITELY Banging

I hate cutting bangs and wanted the convenience of a easy, quick install. I was impressed straight out the box...just bump the ends with a flat iron and this beauty will give you life and a new identity as well lol. Lace was also realistic I wore this yaki bob for my birthday🥳without a wig cap and was given many compliments. It's worth the buy. YouTube video placeholder
My new hair

Oh I love this hair, it gave me - 20 years younger look. My hubby is in love with the hair, co workers wants it like now!!!. I applied a little leave in conditioner and lotta body setting lotion and I am just liking it. Luvme is the best. This is my 6 th wig from them and no issue

LUV it, LUV me ! 💕

This was my first wig purchase and I absolutely love this wig. I have been battling alopecia for awhile which is hereditary; it’s been difficult handling the lose of my hair. After my hairstylist completed my install… it was the first time in a long time I felt pretty. Thank you Luv Me for a beautiful product that made it possible to feel pretty again.

The best hair ever!!!!

The hair was delivered to me in about 4 days! When I unboxed the hair, it didn’t have any foul smells or shedding. The lace and the thickness of this unit is top tier!!!! I got it installed by my favorite stylist in my area and let me just say, it’s giving very much scalp! I will most definitely be ordering from this site again♥️

Amazing 10/10💗!!

Honestly I am so inlove with this hair and normally I don’t leave reviews but.. this was a must texture 10/10 , and the lace was amazing honestly you can throw it on and go.

I got so many compliments! I love it!

This unit is uniting! So many people have asked me for the info. Made a funny video to show off it’s beauty

got so many compliments!!

Love it!!!!!! super soft and the color is my so many compliments..

My favorite

I’ve ordered SEVERAL wigs from LuvMe. Although they’re all great wigs, this is by far my favorite.

Hair so soft

Love this wig I will definitely buy some more

Exactly as it looked on the website!!!

I am very satisfied with the whole experience. My wig wasn't supposed to come until Friday February
4th but came the Monday before, I was very impressed with the fast shipping and the quality of the lace and wig!!