On Monday, we were happy to have Mrs. Earth USA 2023, Sharrell (@LadySharrell), join our Facebook Live and open up about her hair struggles throughout different stages in life.

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The hair is giving

Mrs. USA Earth is a stage for married women to break free from societal expectations and find empowerment within a strong and supportive community. These women are powerful agents of change, and Sharrell is the perfect spokeswoman.

Sharrell, a highly skilled engineer excelling in a male-dominated field, a passionate educator guiding young girls into engineering, and a wonderful mother of three, has faced her fair share of challenges. Along her journey to the crown, hair was once a sensitive spot for her due to the society's unfaire jugement and the feeling of losing control.

However, Sharrell, a true warrior at heart, always finds her way to conquer! She discovered that her hair held the key to rebuilding her confidence. The moment arrived when she put on a Luvme wig, she felt powerful and worthy of love again. Luvme, as Sharrell’s most trusted hair companion, takes pride in accompanying her on this journey of self-discovery and in celebrating every crowning moment.

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Switching-it-up is a barrier breaker

Sharrell shared the hard times she went through in her engineering career, where the whole industry lacked examples of what a professional black woman should look like.

"In order to be taken seriously, I had to be flawlessly put together with everything - hair, outfits, and more. Otherwise, they would question the quality of my work."
While excelling in her professional life, she also faced the challenge of balancing a growing family and personal changes. Nurturing three teenage children, especially during summer vacation when they seemed to be hungry all the time, left her exhausted. She couldn't find a moment to sit down and get her hair done.
Dealing with hormonal changes after having three kids and facing some Covid-related tragedies in her family, Sharrell found herself struggling even more. Her scalp and hair texture underwent transformations she was unprepared for, leaving her unsure of how to adapt.

"It just didn't look right, and I didn't know what to do, I felt lost."
Yet, true to her resilient nature, Sharrell stood up for change, starting with her hair. "Being able to effortlessly wear a Luvme wig and instantly look presentable was worth a million dollars." She believes that every woman, to some extent, goes through similar times in life when self-motivation and self-care seem unattainable. Effortless wigs can be the starting point for overcoming difficulties. When you look good, you feel good, and you can face challenges as the best version of yourself.

Effortless wigs -- Switching it up is everything

"I finally love what I see in the mirror. These wigs have given me and continue to give me the chance to see past what I view as flaws and see what the Lord sees in me."

Once again, congratulations to our beloved queen, Sharrell! We applaud her for being a powerful advocate for the representation of black women in the industry and for sharing her inspiring story with our hair community.

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Together, let us celebrate the 'Switching It Up Is Everything' spirit, the power of hair, and embrace the journey of self-expression. If you feel like sharing your Luvme stories, please contact us at community@luvmehair.com or send us a message on Instagram and Facebook! 

July 05, 2023 — Luvme Contributor

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