On June 24th, Luvme Hair hosted an incredible event in New York City ‘Luvme Hair X NYC: Switching It Up Is Everything.’ It was a day filled with wigs, styles, and inspiration, as we celebrated our loyal customers and unveiled our exciting new brand direction.

  Guests eagerly arrived on Saturday afternoon, ready to immerse themselves in the world of Luvme Hair. The highlight of the event was our stunning showcase of wigs, featuring an array of styles, colors, and designs that left everyone in awe. To show our appreciation, we prepared small gift bags for each guest, adding an extra touch of delight to their experience.

  In addition to the showcase, guests had the opportunity to learn from talented hair stylist, Miss Nina, during a special workshop session. She shared insider tips and demonstrated various wigs styling techniques, empowering women to express themselves through their unique style.

  During the second session, our special guest Miss Iris shared her inspiring wig journey with us all. Overwhelmed with emotions, she expressed, "my story telling was a hit. I cried, telling it. I got so emotional filled with joy, excitement, and love. I had such a great time meeting the Luvme Team. You all are such an amazing group of people, and it was an honor meeting you all.

  To capture the memories, s state-of-art 360 photo booth was available for guests to enjoy. Smiling face posed for pictures, creating lasting mementos of their time at Luvme Hair X NYC.

my dear, as I sit here reliving that extraordinary night, I can’t help but feel like the sassiest and most special customer on the planet. Thank you, Luvme, for rolling out the red carpet and making me feel like a star. I’m already itching for the next event because, trust me, it’s going to be legendary. Get ready to feel like a VIP, my sassy sistas -- Marquesa Pettway.

  Luvme Hair X NYC: Switching It Up Is Everything was a tremendous success, filled with gratitude for our loyal customers who have supported us. To all those who attended, thank you for being a part of this memorable event. And for those who missed out, stay tuned for future events where we will continue to captivate, inspire, and set new standards of excellence in the world of hair.


June 29, 2023 — Kate X

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