Hey there! We just had an incredible trip to New York, and we couldn't wait to share the highlights with you. Our founder, Helena, got the chance to meet up with our loyal customers, talented hairstylists, and our awesome KOC crew. Let's just say, it was an experience that filled our hearts with joy and gratitude.


  We soaked up so many fantastic ideas and suggestions during our time in NY. Our customers spoke loud and clear about what they want from us. They're all about that natural, realistic look and are obsessed with our Pre-plucked, 4C Edges, and Pre-cut lace techniques. Oh, and did we mention the love for 4C Edges Wigs? They want to switch up their styles effortlessly! We also learned that different folks have different preferences when it comes to density, color, and lace frontal areas.


  So, here's the plan: we're taking all this incredible feedback and using it to make some exciting changes. First off, we're stepping up our return policy by offering free returns for our high-value wigs. We want you to feel completely satisfied with your Luvme experience. And our customer service team? They're getting trained to provide top-notch support like never before.


  But that's not all! We're working hard to create even more natural-looking hairlines that will make you feel like an absolute queen. We're also fine-tuning our adjustable bands and headbands to ensure a perfect fit that gives you room to customize your wig. And get ready, because we're shortening our launch periods to just one week, meaning you can get your hands on our latest goodies even faster. Plus, we're planning some epic offline events like pop-up stores, appreciation parties, and exclusive launches. We want to give you a chance to connect with us in person and have a blast while doing it!


  Our mission has always been to provide you with the best hair experience ever. Your feedback and support have given us the confidence to keep pushing boundaries and deliver uncompromising quality. We're so grateful to have you as part of our Luvme family.Get ready, beauties, because we're taking Luvme to the next level. Stay fabulous and keep rocking your unique style!

May 26, 2023 — Kate X

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