Struggling to find reliable Luvme product reviews?
Discover our Review & Reward Program! 

  We are excited to announce that our Review & Reward Program is launching this May (June). The program encourages every Luvme beauty to share their honest reviews on their YouTube channel or Luvme's Facebook post, and in return, we offer up to $100 cash reward. Once you upload a review, whether it's a comment or a review video, you'll receive a $10 off coupon from us. If your review video reaches 100 views, we'll reward you with $50 cash, and if it reaches 1000 views, you'll get $100 cash. For comment reviews, you can earn $50 cash if it gets 30 likes and $100 cash if it gets 100 likes. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to become our Product Experience Ambassador and receive a wig each month! Keep an eye out for the invitation card in your Luvme purple box to join this program.

  Our goal is to give you the best possible hair experience and eliminate that uncertainty of online shopping. In the past, we've launched various programs like the Product Experience Ambassador program, loyalty program, tutorial streaming, and more to make sure you have a reliable experience with us. We believe your feedback is a key part of our product innovation and upgrades. Thanks to your reviews and feedback, we've created products that cater to your needs, like pre-cut lace, bleached knots, and glueless wigs.

  We know hesitation can hold you back from experiencing some amazing things, like trying out different hairstyles and colors without worrying about being "sus." Everything we do is driven by our mission and the promise we made to Luvme's customers. We empower women to express themselves fearlessly and authentically, inviting you to speak your mind and share your thoughts. So, come on over and join our Luvme family, we got your back every step of the way!

May 19, 2023 — Kate X

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