We are delighted to announce the much-awaited launch of our VIP Loyalty Program,the Luvme CLub, a remarkable initiative to acknowledge and reward our customer who have shown unwavering support and trust in our brand. Our Club members are granted exclusive privileges, including enticing discounts, complimentary gifts, early access to our latest offerings, and other gratifying benefits as a token of our gratitude and appreciation for their loyalty.

  Our customers are our top priority, and we leave no stone unturned to provide them with nothing but the best. At Luvme, we strive to establish a deeper and long-lasting relationship with our customers through our VIP Loyalty Program, which is a testament to our user operations' outstanding efforts.


I’m in purple I can’t wait to buy me a few more I have like 6 in my watch cart lol I have an issues it’s to the point I can’t go to sleep with out browsing through luvme hair  -- Shonta, Luvme Hair's customer


  Our primary objective is to enhance the overall shopping experience for our customers and ensure that they receive only the best hair products and services from Luvme. We conduct customer surveys and analyze feedback on social media to determine their needs and expectations. Moreover, our team utilizes a sophisticated metric model to devise effective solutions for different customer journeys, such as sending newsletters containing useful installation tips and tricks to our new customers who are beginners in wig installation. Our commitment to improving our customers' experience is reflected in every little step we take towards making it seamless and memorable.

  At Luvme Hair, we take great pride in our unrelenting dedication to innovation, quality, and exceptional customer service. The VIP Loyalty Program is one of many initiatives we have in place to provide our clients with a superior hair experience. . We value your loyalty, appreciate your support, and look forward to strengthening our bond through our exceptional products and services.

April 07, 2023 — Kate X

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