Curious about wearing a wig but unsure where to start?

Look no further – Luvme Live has got you covered with helpful tips and tricks!

  In 2021, Luvme introduced a hair tutorial streaming program on various social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. We recognized that many people hesitated to experiment with different hairstyles due to the perceived complexity, weight, and difficulty of wearing wigs. Our live-streaming tutorials not only showcase the true texture, color, and details of our wigs but also demonstrate the simplicity of wig installation. Furthermore, these live sessions help build trust and credibility while fostering a closer relationship between our customers and us.

  Over time, we have enhanced our live streams by incorporating greater interaction, preparing detailed scripts, and collaborating with professional hairstylists. Our objective is to create an environment where customers can enjoy the best possible hair experience without worrying about wig installation. The techniques, hacks, and innovative hairstyles shared by our hairstylists eliminate the need for time-consuming internet searches or paying others to style your hair. To ensure easy access to our tutorials, Luvme's hair tutorials can also be found on YouTube, our official website, and our Luvme Facebook group. We greatly appreciate our customers sharing their beauty hacks and recommended hair products during our live streams, which helps us continually improve our content for everyone.

  At Luvme, hair is everything – to us and our customers. Each change and step we take is driven by our mission to provide the best hair experience. We are here not only to deliver the goods, but also to give support, understanding, and love to you. Our journey is ongoing, so join us as a trusted partner and best friend on this exciting voyage of self-discovery.

April 13, 2023 — Kate X

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