Have you ever gazed into the twinkling night sky and wonder: how wonderful would it be to hold on to those flickering and gleaming stars!

Here are two wigs that can fulfill your starry fantasies.


Saletta – The Princess of the Galaxy

Saletta Sparkle Galaxy Layered Undetectable 5X5 Lace Closure Wig Pre-bleached | Limited Design

Saletta means princess in Hebrew. The layered cut and highlighted flowing strokes of brown yellowish strands make this plush wig look like the starlit milky way: endlessly stunning and spectacular! Every woman can be a princess in the springing river of stars, emitting a light of buoyancy and glam in her own universe.


Celena - Moonlight Kiss

Celena is the name of the Moon Goddess - gentle, romantic, charming but not flaunty. The tastefully dyed hair looks like a kiss from the Moon Goddess, and the romantic yet unpretentious curls are breath-taking. Guess who will be kissed by Celena, the Moon Goddess, tonight.


The spectacle of the fashion cosmos is within the grasp if you just know where to look.

October 20, 2022 — WitmanCamila
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