How much did you spend the last time you installed the locs? How much time and energy you reluctantly spent on maintaining the locs?

The costs for beauty are inevitable, but is there a better way?


Luvme’s got an answer

It is incredibly tricky to make a wig with strands that look identical to locs – especially locs that are intwined in the traditional ways. The price of such a wig would be incredibly high and the caring too complicated.

Begs the question: how to balance between a proper loc and practicality?

Now, please cue the music for the brilliant minds of the Luvme R&D team!


It’s time to unlock some mysteries

It was a challenging job even for the smartest heads, and it took Luvme three months to find leading-edge techniques and develop the revolutionary Luvme Twist.

Over 1,000 customer surveys, over 20 test versions, 3 cap upgrades, 35 crafting techniques – this is what Luvme has infused to unlock the mysteries!


Luvme Twist | 5x5 Closure Lace Glueless Wig Pre-Plucked & Side Parted | Afro Inspired

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Luvme Twist | 5x5 Closure Lace Glueless Wig Pre-Plucked & Mid Parted | Afro Inspired

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Luvme Twist | Super Natural Beginner Friendly Headband Wig | Afro Inspired

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Why Luvme Twist

  • Afro-Chic!

Natural-looking curls that looks like they are growing from your scalp!

The Luvme Twist is the Afro chicness in its purest, strongest, and most perfect form.

  • Time and Trouble Saving

No more wasting hundreds of your hard-earned dollars in salons. No more waiting for hours to get your desired beautiful loc.

Luvme Twist, an easier and more laidback pick!

  • Protective Wig Styles

The Luvme Twist can free you from the damages caused by the traditional and complex techniques used to intwine locs.

If your hair is susceptible to fragility or breakage, this is the go-to wig.

  • Innovative Creation Inspired by Locs

The one and only wig in the market that can deliver a real loc sensation!

The Luvme Twist opens a new door to the natural and instinctive vibes. The one-of-a-kind coiled strands for the one-of-a-kind you!


 End of story?

Not even close!

The journey to unlock mysteries and create wonders shall never end for us. Luvme will continue the expedition to discover easier and more practical ways for you to feel pretty and confident!

Find Luvme, find simple beauty!


November 02, 2022 — WitmanCamila
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