Work, a universal and eternal subject.

Through working, we sharpen our skills and make our lives better. And the balance of work and life, no doubt, is a philosophical matter that no one can escape.

Like running shoes make running more comfortable and enjoyable, a work friendly wig can help you work better and faster. Luvme can’t help you solve problems at work, but our work friendly wigs can surely help you work more happily and efficiently!



But first, what does a great work friendly wig entail? Most importantly, it must make you look good and radiant. It must have the ability to make you look professional, active, sophisticated, and full of energy!

Unlike wigs for vacations, parties, etc., a work friendly wig must be able to present your accomplished and capable side, and our bob wigs and pixie cut wigs can do the job! The short cuts and refined styles will just bring out the proficient and charismatic you.



Being easy to manage is another must-have quality for a great work friendly wig. All wig users are concerned with the amount of time they need in honing a wig to its best result. Spending more than an hour on styling the wig during the work week is completely unacceptable. Consequently, a wig that can be easily managed and looks natural would be ideal for you at work.


LUVME affordable bob wigs-glueless wigs-easy to maintain wigs


Lastly, an apt work friendly wig should be easy to install, such as our Throw-on-&-go wigs. Less installing steps means less trouble, especially for new wig wearers and ladies who dislike complexity. If a wig can be easily installed within 10 minutes, that means you can quickly take it off on your drive home after work and put it on again the next workday without much fuss!



Luvme is keen on bringing greater wigs, better working status, and more graceful lives to our beloved customers. In this work friendly wigs series, check out our high-quality and comfy wigs that:

  1. can show your professional, active, and sophisticated side.
  2. are simpler to manage.
  3. are incredibly easy to install even for beginners!


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February 02, 2023 — WitmanCamila
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