If you get a weave install in frequency, you might be not strange to “ glue,treat and clips”. Are you sick of the words or you found them are really a bother for your weave install? Fortunately, a new braid-in technique named “ braid in bundles” offer you a different experience to hair install. The bundles are braided directly into your natural hair without the time consuming steps and uses of glue,treat and clips.


If you are not sure on how to do braid in bundles you should definitely seek professional help. We did a video to show the braiding technique used for a circle braid. By watching the video you would know the basic procedure of doing braid in bundles .

This video was created by Luvme Hair, just check the video and and the video will tell all the steps.

October 19, 2017 — Bowen Lee


Cris said:

I am interested in buying the braid in weave tracks. Yaki straight about 12 inches. Can you send info on catalog or website where I can buy them and the cost.

Yolanda Monique' Ingraham said:

I live in ga, 30518… I’m trying to locate a stylist that does the braids with bundles.

Can you advise

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