1) Money Saver – Investing in a wig guarantees you a style that surpasses a sew-in! Wigs constructed on a sewing machine last 3 years or more thus saving you a lot of money!

2) Grows hair fast– Keeping your natural hair braided under your wig for an extended period of time and oiling your scalp promotes growth in as little as 3 months! Try using products like Black Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil, Wild Growth Oil, Grape Seed Oil, or Coconut Oil to name a few. These will give you some of the best results!

3) Accommodates busy schedules – No more waiting in the salon for hours! While your custom wig is being constructed, you can attend meetings or run errands! Once it’s ready for pickup, grab it and go! The next morning, simply pop it on, finger style, and you’re right out the door!

4) Instantly switch looks -Try a long sleek look for a dinner date, shoulder length layers for an interview, or wet and wavy for rainy days. Whatever the situation, your wigs will have you ready for every occasion!
April 30, 2019 — Miaoyu Lin

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