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Laylarae's Story

"I needed at least a week to get a feel of this unit before posting about my experience. But here’s the truth. Everyone (and I do mean everyone) has been asking about my hair.. it’s been getting compliments left and right of every hair whip I serve 😛😂 I ordered the Undetectable Full Lace Wig in Body wave at 16 inches and Im pleased to say that I love @luvmehair . Normally, I rock with short bobs but I aim to switch it up every now and then (every 5 seconds, really). Packaging: I couldn’t be more pleased with the packaging. A very cute hair bag, some neat tools for styling, pair of eyelashes, and pamphlet of directions for hair care. The Hair: And of course the first run-through was impressive. There’s minimal to no shedding and combing through is a breeze. Customizing and Installation: I decided to give it go and install the unit by myself. I appreciate the fact that there’s enough hair to work with along with the luxury of having a natural hair line already carved out for you. Even after hours of plucking there was still enough wiggle room for a variety of styles. To enhance the beauty of this wig, I had a professional cut long layers and frame it to my face. The lace literally disappeared after “melting it”. What really tied this wig together were the sturdy combs and elastic band that came with the packaging so that I can opt out of using adhesives when needed. Might I add, that the hair can definitely take some heat 🙃🙃 I’m SATISFIED Future plans: I can’t wait to see how well this hair takes with a little color lift. 🥰🥰🥰@luvmehair #luvmeandme #lacewigs #fulllacewigs"

Laylarae, on Nov. 21, 2019

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The wigs she wear: Product Link

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