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" Hi Readers,


            Welcome back to my blog. Today I wanted to talk about how I found the perfect hair from online store Luvme Hair. Finding the best quality hair at an affordable price is so important to many of us because we don’t want to waste our money on bad quality. Well I’m here to tell you and even show you a wig I received from Luvme Hair that has both great quality and very natural. Continue reading to see why I love this hair and brand.....


            The Undetectable Lace Wig. For many of us who wear wigs or purchase lace for an install typically want to get the most realistic lace to match the scalp. Well that’s exactly what Luvme Hair’s Undetectable lace does. This lace literally matches the scalp so good you can hardly see the lace even before you bond it down on your head. It’s truly the most realistic lace I own. The lace is made with top swiss lace, light lace color, imitating the scalp weaving. The lace knots are invisible and look super natural.


            Packaging Comes Ready To Install. The Undetectable Lace comes slightly pre-plucked and pre-bleached knots so you don’t have to do the extra step if you don’t want to. Also included in the package are two wig caps, one tail comb, bobby pins, and much more. I love the fact that the package comes with all these items because it makes installing convenient and easy.      


            I have added some pictures on the lace before I installed it and after I installed. Also included you will find step by step instructions on how to install and wear the wig. Luvme Hair has many options of hair to choose from but if you are looking for a more realistic lace, the undetectable lace is the best choice. "


Wig: @luvmehair undetectable full lace wig body wave 14inches.

August 31, 2019 — Miaoyu Lin

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