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2016 I Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, A Blood Cancer @llsusa . I Went Through Endless Months Of Chemotherapy To Shrink The 15” Thick Tumor That Was Present In My Body. It Was Too Big & Thick To Be Cut Out. Also It Was Compressed On My Lungs.

My Weight Dropped
My Face Thinned
My Appetite Was Scarce
But Nothing Was More Detrimental Than My Hair Coming Completely Out!
I Cried For Days! I Was Born With A Head FULL Of Hair, So My Parents Never Saw Me Without Hair! I Was So Well Known Growing Up For My Hair.

2017 It Started To Grow Back But I Was Still Uncomfortable Without My Tresses. I Tried Different Wigs To Hide My Hairloss And Feel Comfortable, But None Really Made Me Feel Like Me Until I Purchased Hair From @luvmehair. I Wear Their Wigs Not As A Form Of Deception, But Protection For My Natural Growing Hair. It Blends So Well! As Of Now, You Can’t Tell Where My Hair Begins And Would Be Surprised Where It Ends!

December 25, 2020 — cooperaliette

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