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This wonderful journey I've been on with @luvmehair have brought out my inner me!! The struggle I have had with hair unit's Luvme have made my experience so much better it's hard for me to say in word's. I found out about this company over a yr ago and this company have been a bestie to me w/o them even knowing so.. There are so many styles color's to choose from you will love them so heading over to check them out is a must you will love them..with every order you get everything you need to style your unit on top of all that there always have great sales with shipping 3to5 day's..also most of there unit's are beginner friendly so you don't even need a stylist so easy to DIY and they have the best quality hair. they make sure your experience with them is excellent with there great customer service so you don't have to take my word just go check them out #1 on the market & I highly recommend them!! #luvmeandme

December 25, 2020 — cooperaliette

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