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Luvme And Me - glamorous_tateamua_

From glamorous_tateamua_ ( IG )

@luvmehair I literally as you can see am a person who loves to change up my look up. I love to be able to express myself through my hair color and makeup which is why I went to school to become a certified makeup artist💄! I ran across you guys page one day looking to buy a wig because I Am a mommy of soon to be 3(in January) and it is hard to keep up with changing the color of my hair or keeping it vibrant when your a Full-time mommy. I obsess over watching your post and seeing how flawless you installs go on and how soft, silky and real your hair looks. Due to Covid I was out of work for over 4 months so it was hard being that right now I’m pregnant and have children to provide for so I can’t really spend much on myself, but I will be investing in one of your wigs to pull off that last powder blue look that I have been dreaming of doing even before Covid hit! Your hair especially the glueless wigs are just perfect for full-time mommies or on the go moms and busy business women and that’s why I love you guys!! Hopefully I win this challenge!! If not I’m still buying!! Lol #luvmeandme #luvmehair #luvmeandme

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