From Risa Lovell (FB)
I have been natural for 10 yrs but I wasn’t taking care of my hair properly so I cut all the damage off and decided wigs would be my go to, until my hair started growing healthier.. I kept seeing ads for LuvMe wigs, but I had heard about a different company who were pretending to be them so I was skeptical. I decided to order a wig from a different company and lord BIG MISTAKE!! That thing was so ugly so I went to Luvme Hair website and just kept looking at reviews with pictures. It took me a couple of days until I finally ordered! And I was so satisfied with how quickly it came, the packaging, the quality so much so that not even a week later I purchased 2 more.. I now own 9 LuvMe Wigs
August 02, 2023 — Ada krystal

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