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I started my wig journey with synthetic wigs and was ordering them back to back. They would last long and I wanted something that would last and was good quality, but would also not break my pocket. Was also having bad experiences with some companies. I started to lose interest in wigs. It was like everytime I ordered a wig it was always something wrong with it. Went over my nieces house and noticed her wig. She said she purchased it through Luvme Hair. I went online and was in wig heaven. Me being skeptical of wigs I hesitated for about 3 weeks. Going back and forth to the website. Adding a wig to the cart, taking it out. So many choices and prices were reasonable. I ordered my first wig. A natural brown shoulder length. Now I tell you when I got my package and it was in a purple box ;favorite color) with a purple bow I was amazed. I put the wig on. It didn’t take much. I was in love. I didn’t have to do much to the wig to make it look natural and not all wiggy. People thought it was my real hair. I loved it! I went from 1 wigs to 11 wigs within a year or so. LuvMe Hair even got me to step outside my comfort zone and wear all kind of colors, from natural brown to burgundy and red. I love how I can switch it up and the wig still seem like it new. I’m addicted, but it’s a good addiction. Even got my momma and sister addicted lol. Love me some Luvme
August 02, 2023 — Ada krystal

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