#MyGrowthWithLM #LuvMeHair has played a major part in my growth these last few years. I wear alot of hats. I started a call center during Covid to provide work from home jobs (which virtual meetings were required & Luvme Hair made it a breeze looking professional), I have my own clothing line (Seamstress & Personal Stylist) so my hair has to be together in order for clients to have confidence in me. LuvMe wigs are my go to for photo shoots & fashion shows.
I always recommend to my customers when they compliment my hair. And I love making others look & feel beautiful. But the biggest growth has been having confidence in myself going into the corporate world. I was so scared. I'm very thankful for being among so many brilliant black women that have genuinely mentored me and push me to keep pushing for greatness, because I can do anything I put my mind to. And I really believe that now.
September 01, 2023 — Ada krystal

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