"It’s been a long time coming with my hair journey. We all know wigs are safe styles, but it can hard to find a good or great wig at a reasonable price! I once ordered some wigs on this one site and when I received them they were NOTHING LIKE THE PICTURES! They weren’t even human hair so I was gypped! Well some how I stumbled upon Luvmehair.com on Facebook. I Ignored the ad the first time because I felt like their site was a scam and the hair price seemed too good to be true! Well y’all know how advertisements goes from Facebook to Instagram! I saw it on Instagram and began to research reviews on YouTube to see if this was real... I took the chance to buy a wig which surprisingly only cost me about $150 with free shipping!!! So let me tell you about this wig right here once I received it! The wig is VERY FULL 180% density! I can part my wig any way I want and I can do a high bun if wanted to glue the back down. My pictures go from my first install of the wig that I did myself all the way up to now. I bought this wig in May of 2019 and six months later this wig still does me justice! This full lace wig even lasted through a jet ski trip across the water! And if you know how wet you can get then you catch my drift! This is full lace, body wave, 16inch, pre bleach knot wig that I bought for about $150!!!! Most of y’all try to get wigs made that don’t even last as long as this one has, and it’s still good! I have washed, blowed dried, flat ironed, and curled this hair! You also can dye this hair! You can never go wrong with their wigs I am a true testimony! Ladies who are out here spending $500+ on someone to make you a wig.... let @luvmehair make you about 2-3 wigs and send them to you within a week maybe even less! So out of six months wear, my parts have not thinned out, it hasn’t done much shedding, and it’s quick to dry! So again THANK YOU @luvmehairbecause this wig has been my favorite and only human hair wig! #luvmeandme"

Monyeh_lashay, on Nov. 21, 2019


December 18, 2019 — L M

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