Luvme Glueless wigs are the first choice for many wig beginners and those who don't like to use glue.

Compared with large-area lace wigs(360 lace wig and full lace wig) that require glue to assist in installation, glueless lace wigs have fewer installation steps and are much easier to operate.

Glueless lace wigs can actually be divided into many types, such as glueless lace front wigs, glueless closure lace wigs, glueless minimalist lace wigs (T Part Wig)

Step 1: Pre-treat your hair and wear a wig cap

In order to make your wig look natural and avoid abnormal bulges, you need to do some processing on your hair to create a flat and smooth surface.

If your hair is short, you can just wear the free wig cap given by Luvme directly. If your hair is long, it is recommended that you braid your hair or flatten it as much as possible before wearing a wig cap.

It is worth noting that the wig cap is not necessary, but it will help us to flatten our own hair.

Step 2: Wear the wig and adjust it appropriately

Adjust the elastic band

There is an Elastic Band inside the glueless lace wigs. This elastic band is adjustable, and you can shorten or lengthen it according to your head shape so that the wig is worn firmly but not tight.

Adjust the straps to fit your head

Did you notice the Adjustable Straps on the inner edge of Luvme glueless wigs? By adjusting its buckle, you can adjust the circumference of the wig to a certain extent to meet the needs of customers with different head circumferences. At present, our standard wig head circumference is 22.5 inches (M cap). If you still feel uncomfortable wearing a 22.5-inch glueless wig (feeling too big or too small), then you can visit here and try a 21.5-inch (wigs for small heads) or 23.5-inch (wigs for large heads) wig.

Adjust the hairline position of the wig

When you have adjusted the wig and feel that the wig is firm and comfortable, you need to look in the mirror to confirm that the front edge of the wig is flush with your hairline. Of course, you can also raise or lower the hairline of the wig as you wish to adjust the facial proportions.


Step 3: Use the built-in comb and clips to secure the wig completely

Luvme glueless wigs are equipped with built-in combs (clips). When you have completed step 2 and confirmed that the wig is now in the ideal position, you need to buckle (insert) the comb into the natural hair at the front, sides and back of the head. Make sure the comb is firmly fixed to the hair to prevent the wig from moving. Alternatively, you can buckle the comb into the wig cap, which can also stabilize the wig.

Step 4: Cut off the excess lace and use foundation that matches your skin tone to modify the edges

After completing Step 3, you have actually completed the installation of the glueless lace wig. Step 4 allows you to look more natural when wearing a lace wig.

Using Z-shaped scissors can make the lace edges look more natural. If you don't have Z-shaped scissors, you can also cut off the excess lace in a Z-shaped trajectory. This method can make the lace edges fit the skin as closely as possible.

If the color of the lace is very different from your skin tone, you can use a foundation that matches your skin tone to modify the lace edges to make the lace invisible visually.

Wig knot healer to make glueless lace wig look natural


Step 5: Use scissors and curling irons to create a personalized look

After completing step 4, you can go a step further to create a unique and personalized look. You can separate the wig, comb it, or add accessories to customize your look. Using scissors to cut the hair on both sides of the cheeks at an appropriate angle can make the wig look more natural.

It's recommend that using a curling iron to create some unique one-time looks. The easiest way is to separate the ends of the hair into strands, and then wrap them with a curling iron (135℃) for 4~5 seconds in turn to add a playful style. If you plan to use higher temperatures to create a stronger curling style, using a heat protectant is necessary.



Step 6: Final Touches

Give the wig one last check to ensure it looks natural and seamless. Adjust any stray hairs or uneven areas as needed.


Mastering the art of installing a glueless wig can open up a world of hairstyles without the hassle of adhesives. Not only does it guarantee quick changes in hairstyles, but it also prioritizes the health of your natural hair and scalp. The key to a perfect wig is patience and practice. Over time, you will find your rhythm and perfect your technique. Whether you choose a glueless wig for convenience, versatility, or a novel style, embrace the journey and enjoy the beautiful, transformative results it brings.



If you need to know more about how to clean and maintain a glueless wig, you can visit this blog. How to Wash a Glueless Wig
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Updated on June 5, 2024

June 05, 2024 — Tia Isom

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