1. Wash and clean your hair
  2. Tie or braid your hair


Tips for a Natural Look

TIPS 1: Use a suitable wig cap

Wear a flesh-toned or transparent wig cap to create a smooth transition.

wear a suitable wig cap

TIPS 2: Plucking the Hairline

Use tweezers to remove a few hairs along the hairline for a natural look.

Pluck the hairline to creat a natural look

TIPS 3: Trim the Lace

Trim excess lace along the hairline in a slight zig-zag pattern, leaving a small amount for blending.

Trim the lace edge

TIPS 4: Apply Adhesive

Apply a thin layer of high-quality wig adhesive along your hairline to secure the wig.

Add glue to make the lace fit better against the skin

TIPS 5: Blend with Foundation or Concealer

Apply foundation or concealer along the parting line and hairline to hide the lace.

Apply foundation to match the color of the lace to your skin

TIPS 6: Create Baby Hairs

Style baby hairs around the hairline with a small brush and Edge Control Wax to soften the transition.

Create Baby Hairs

The Tools You Need

  • Wig Cap

Wig Cap
  • Wig Knots Healer

  • Wig Bonding Glue & Remover Set

Wig Bonding Glue & Remover Set
  • Double-sided Edge Control Brush

Double-sided Edge Control Brush
  • Edge Control Wax

Edge Control Wax


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Updated on May 29, 2024

May 29, 2024 — Tia Isom

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