Lace front wigs are desired more than ever and are perfect for helping achieve your favorite hairstyles and changing up your look. Gone are the days you have to spend a lot of money in the salon getting your wig fitted for you. Thanks to advancements in technology, lace front wigs today can be easily customized and adjusted by the wearer at home. Lace wigs come with extra lace hanging at the front to allow you to cut and customize the wig so it can seamlessly blend into your skin and virtually look like your own hair. Customizing the lace front wig by cutting is important to fit the lace front wig properly to the shape of your head.


Cutting lace correctly is actually easier than you think. It is vital to follow our basic guidelines and practice patience so as to cut your lace front wig for that realistic look. You do not want to rush this process.



For the success of this process of cutting your lace front wig, you need the right tools to properly cut the lace.

Scissors or razors - Go with your preference, however, if it’s your first time go for a pair of scissors. Make sure the scissors or rattles are sharp to accurately cut the lace material and avoid too many jagged edges. This can cause unnecessary tears.

Tweezers - These are necessary for plucking and also removing any stubborn hairs you want to get rid of.

Clips- To help pull back the hair away from the face to prevent accidentally cutting the hair.

Rattail comb - Or a comb you can precisely partition hair strands.

Wig stand- This is optional but we highly recommend it as it is ideal for making the cut much easier and more accurate for you.



Some lace front wigs come pre-plucked from the sellers, however, if yours is not this is a necessary step to create a more invisible hairline. Plucking your wig is crucial in determining how good and natural your lace front wig will look on you. Firmly hold the wig and pluck out hair one strand at a time. Lace front wigs can come with a straight hairline that is bulky and appears less dense to be more natural-looking. You can either pluck the hair with the wig placed on a wig stand, on your hand, or placed on your head.

Using a tweezer pluck the extra front hairs to suit the shape of your face and mimic your hairline. Additionally, you have the chance to add baby hairs which many women like to give that extra appeal and naturalness to their hairline. Make sure you are gentle when plucking the lace front wig. Lace material is delicate and you do not want to cause any tears. Take your time and keep testing and checking before continuing to pluck. Plucking out hair is irreversible and it is easy to overpluck.



If you are going to place the lace front wig on your head to cut, you have to ensure your hair is lying flat. This helps with the accuracy of the cut in order to give you a natural undetectable look. Braid the hair into cornrows, small twists, or a flat low ponytail. Ensure the lace front wig is evenly laying flat for an accurate cut.




This can be on the head or on a wig stand.

On the head: Make sure to have a wig cap on before placing the wig on. This is to prevent friction caused by rubbing of the wig, which can lead to dryness and breakage of your hair strands.  Carefully place the lace front wig on the top of your head ensuring it lays flat exactly how you plan on wearing it. Use the straps at the back of the lace front wig to adjust it perfectly to your head: once done adjusting, secure the straps to prevent the wig from moving around when cutting commences. Keep the hair away from your face by using clips on both sides of your head. When placing the wig; the lace front wig hairline should be slightly in front of your hairline extended by around 1.5 inches.

On the wig stand: Place lace front wig and use pins to secure and lay the lace front wig flat.



Whether it is your first time or you are scared of cutting, you can choose to trace a line at the point you will cut to prevent you from making any errors and for a more precise cut. Tracing a hairline prevents you from over-cutting.

Using a tape measure or a ruler, with a pen (preferably a white markup) trace small dots of a quarter-inch or an eighth-inch of the lace front wig from one perimeter of the ear all the way to the other ear. Use tiny dots so as to not leave any marking on the lace once you are done cutting.



Cut the lace in tiny sections to make it easier for you to accurately cut without messing up. The first cut should be straight down the middle of the lace. The second cut should be made by the template on both sides. The third and last cut is between the temple and the ear.

  • Hold the lace steady for an accurate cut and to prevent you from accidentally cutting too much off. Now using long strokes cut along each section along the hairline. You can cut in a zigzag motion which allows the lace to seamlessly blend and melt into your skin and give you a natural hairline. Do not cut in a straight line as it will give you that unnatural look.
  • Cut as close as possible to the hairline but not too close in case you make a mistake.
  • The trace you dotted should act as a guideline when cutting.
  • When cutting the ears use the rattail comb to part the hair behind the ears before cutting the extra made around the perimeters of your ears. Take your time when cutting the lace.


If a lace wig is on the wig stand, place it on the head as we instructed above. You can choose to secure the lace front wig with adhesive glue, tape, gel, freezing spray, or choose to wear it glueless. If using an adhesive, wait for it to get tacky, this takes 2-5 minutes. Secure the lace on the head. Use a headband or a silk scarf to help the bond secure effectively. This should take 10-15 minutes.


Style your lace front wig on your head as desired.


Click here to watch reference video---- "How to cut the lace off your lace wig for Luvme"
November 09, 2021 — Camila Witman

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