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How to wear front lace wig?

  1. Braid the hair to the scalp to form a flat surface and wear a wig cap. If your hair is short, you can wrap it up to ensure that all your hair is secured.
  2. Put on the wig and adjust the adjustment belt on the back of the wig cap. The excess lace can be cut in advance or after putting on the wig, and then glued together.



  1. Before you try a new glue for the first time, please perform a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to the glue you are using. You can use a waterproof adhesive if you plan to swim in a wig.
  2. If you only plan to wear it for a few days, you can use double-sided tape or got2b  to fix your wig. 
  3. Do not wear a wig for more than six weeks at a time. When you want to take the wig off, you could apply some alcohol to soften the glue, and then slowly remove the wig.


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