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How to wash curly wig

People who appreciate curly hair wigs are tired of figuring out how to wash and maintain it since the hair has many curls, and if they do it incorrectly, the curls will be destroyed. Today, we’ll tell you how to wash a curly hair wig so that the curls stay in place!


Step# 1:

  • Before washing your curly hair wig, you need to detangle it first.  Make sure to detangle the hair wig at the ends. You should use a detangling lotion first(if possible)and then use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle curly hair wig, according to the curly hairdo.


  • Once the strands of hair are detangled, start combing hair from the roots of the wig hair(wig cap) and comb through them without causing any damage to the wig. Keeping combing the wig hair till all knots or strands are teased out.

Step# 2:

  • Fill the sink with water and add some shampoo to the warm water you've prepared. The shampoo is used differently for various hairdos. That’s why, for a curly wig, you require shampoo especially formulated for curly hair or sulfate-free shampoo.


  • If you have colored your wig, then choose a shampoo that will protect the color. Please do not rubthe wig hair as this might harm the hair cuticle along with a whole lot of tangled strands. You may also wash the wig with soapy water.

Step# 3:

  • It would be best if your wig cap is outwards and placed in the running water. Make sure you remove the cap of the wig while leaving the wig hair free. This method allows the shampoo to easily access the top hair (the wig cap), which contains most debris, perspiration and oils.


  • Soak wig hair into water and gently swirl it to thoroughly distribute the shampoo in the wig. Allow the wig to soak in the wash water for 4-5minutes to ensure that it is thoroughly soaked  in the lukewarm water. You should avoid excessive squeezing, agitating and twirling, as this increases the likelihood of hair tangling.

Step# 4:

Gently rinse your wig with warm, fresh water until all of the shampoo has been washed off. Please avoid using hot water, as it will damage the cuticle of hair. If you own a thick curly wig, try washing it more frequently.  Use different methods depending on the scenario.

Step# 5:

To nourish your wig, use a finest quality, wig-friendly conditioner. However, you should be more cautious about the wig cap if you own a wig that is lace-front. If you add conditioner to the lace part, you might tear off hair from the lace part when you wash it. Therefore, apply conditioner 1 inch away from the lace to prevent the wig hair from falling out. 

Step# 6:

Apply the conditioner for 10 minutes, and rinse off the hair. To maintain the hair glossy and shining, fully immerse it in the conditioner. Wash out all the conditioner from your hair with cool fresh water.


Step# 1:

Start squeezing the wig to remove water gently. Please do not twist the hair strands when squeezing the water because it will result in hair tangling or falling. Always squeeze out the water in an upright position. When the wig is damp, never brush it, as it may cause hairs to get damaged and break off.

Step# 2:

Absorb extra water from the wig with a dry or microfiber towel. Wrap the hair with the dry towel and push it to absorb all of the water from the wig. After that, take out the wig by carefully opening the towel. If you're washing a lengthy wig, make sure the hair locks are smooth and free of roughness and knots.

Step# 3:

To remove tangles from wig strands, use a conditioning spray. Avoid spraying the root hair of the wig. You can apply mousse to the curly wig help it hold its curly pattern. 

Step# 4:

Place the wet wig on a polystyrene head or wig stand to allow wig hair to air dry. Brushing your wig while it is damp spoils hair strands of the wig, leading to the distortion of the curls. Use your fingers or a wide toothed comb throughout the hair to tease out hair knots. 

Step# 5:

You can also blow dry your wig if you need to wear it urgently, but it is important to set the dryer to a low temperature. Otherwise, the hair strands would be damaged. Once you’ve blow dried the wig from the roots, you may then lay the wig on your head. Blow-dry the rest of the wig hair while keeping it on the head using bobby pins. You may give your wig additional volume by drying it inside out.

Maintain The Curls!

Step# 1:

When your wig has completely dried, you may brush it. To avoid tangles, comb the wig hair from the end. A wide-toothed comb can also be used for a curly wig so that no more tangles are left. 

Step# 2:

The hairdo might not be as fantastic as it was before you washed it. You may curl your wig with a curling iron or straighten it with a flat iron. Curls are more prone to be distorted with frequent washing of your wig, therefore, may easily repeat the process. Please use the right temperature while using the iron.

Step# 3:

You may store your wig by letting them hang on a wig stand while not wearing it. In this manner, the wig may maintain its form.

Step# 4:

You can wash your wig again if it is soiled. Normally, you may wash the wig within 3-4 weeks. Washing the wig more regularly is bad for it. The wigs, like other items, have a limited lifespan since they are used often. The more frequently you wash the wig hair, the more easily the cuticles will be harmed. Please remember to clean the wig as necessary.

Step# 5:

You should properly look after your actual hair while using a wig. Because your natural hair is hidden under your wig, it is beneficial to your wig when the actual hair is in good condition. So, keep your actual hair dry and free of oil so that the wig may adhere to the head for a longer period of time without needing to be cleaned.

Before being sold as a product, curly hair wigs are properly curled because in this way, the wig hair is delicate after processing. Other hairstyles cause the hair to break quickly. Proper protection is important to make your hair wig long-standing and endurable than ever.  


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