Have you ever experienced a moment when everyone chats numbers such as 5x5, 13x4, 360, etc.? What are they talking about? What do these mysterious numbers mean? If you are new to lace wig, you may not guess these numbers actually represent the size of a lace wig's lace area. This blog will show you the common lace sizes and their differences and help you choose the one that fits.

First things first: a basic knowledge about lace for everyone new to wigs. WHAT IS A LACE FOR?

Lace typically gives the illusion that hair is growing right from the scalp. Therefore, you can part or braid your hair in the lace area like you do on your own scalp. The edge of the lace usually extends beyond your forehead. It is designed to mimic a natural hairline, adding realism to your style. It looks most natural when lace blends with your skin tone.

You may see various lace sizes depending on the wig brand's crafting process. Here, we only introduce the most common and well-known sizes on the market and classify them into four categories to help you make a purchase decision.

ZERO SKILL: Everyone Can Wear It Effortlessly
Minimalist lace wigs: The parting area is already pre-styled, and you cannot switch it. The differences are the width and depth of the lace.


No-lace wigs: You don't need to do anything. Put it on like a hat and go—that's it. They usually come with bangs to cover the hairline.

The advantage of these lace sizes is that they can be worn in just a few seconds without glue and do not require more styling hacks. Perfect for queens who commute to work at 8 a.m. Everyone trying a wig for the first time or who doesn't want any hassle can choose it without hesitation.

FITMOST: A Cost-Effective Choice for the Most

Closure wigs: A closure is usually a 4x4 or 5x5-inch patch placed on the front of the hairpiece. Closures are also less expensive because less lace material is used, which might make them more appealing to you and your bank account. The advantage is that they meet daily naturalness, parting, and glueless wear needs. Balanced performance in all aspects makes them the most popular choice.

Luvme's 7x6 PARTINGMAX GLUELESS closure wig is a revolutionary innovation in the market. It offers a maximum lace area of 7x6, allowing for ultimate freedom in parting your hair while ensuring the best glueless security for everyday wear. An absolutely best choice for beginners who like to try more new wig styles.

FREE PARTING: It's giving scalp

Frontal wigs: A frontal is usually a 13x4 or 13x6-inch lace that covers the entire front area of your head. It goes from ear to ear, covering your entire hairline, making it super natural and versatile. You've got hella style options (think: deep-side parts, half-updos, zig-zag parts). If you are a wig installation expert, you'll do well with a frontal.

STYLE MAX: Do Any Style You Like

360 lace wigs: This wig has 360-circle lace around the head. You can put your wig into a high ponytail or bun because the lace on the back will look like your nape. The middle portion is machine-sewn onto a breathable cap, which provides good ventilation, allowing your scalp to breathe and preventing discomfort or sweating. The price will be less than a full lace wig.

Full-lace wigs: Made entirely of lace. Hair is looped into pieces onto the lace material, which is shaped to fit your head. The lace mimics the look of your natural scalp, meaning you can part your hair anywhere and style it in any way imaginable.

These versatile lace wigs may require higher styling skills and glue installation, but they are perfectly suitable for big moments. Find a stylist to install one, and it won't disappoint you.
June 04, 2024 — ContributorLuvme

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